Marissa Nadler

On the path of the clouds

A new interview with the American songwriter, after the release of her new album "The Paths Of The Clouds"


Maria McKee - Lone Justice

Welcome to my Vita nuova

An exclusive interview with Maria McKee, who came back recently after 13 years of silence with a new record called "La vita nuova"


Antlers - Peter Silberman

Music as a cure

The Antlers frontman tells us about his solo album, born from the forced silence imposed by a hearing problem and dedicated to the return to music (and life)


Sam Rosenthal

Purity and desire in a gothic temple

So, here we are talking about a new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album after seven years. That's quite a lot of time, isn't that? Surely it is the longest period ever that separated two Black Tape albums...


Roly Porter

Time, space, visions beyond possible

Your recent work, “Third Law” (2016, Tri Angle) isn’t just an album with a very strong impact, at times literally breathtaking and able to get an immediate grip on the listener: on some level it is also a terrifying sight on the overwhelming forces of the known universe. Is this only the desired effect of your creations or did you throw an actual, individual sense of fear in it?...


Adam Torres

Balancing life and art

Ten years have passed by between your solo debut album and “Pearls To Swine”. Can you tell us what has happened in your life during this time span? "I’ve moved a few times. I used to live in Ohio and then I lived for a few years in Ecuador, teaching English there and doing volunteer work. I moved to Austin in 2011 and have lived here since, completing graduate school and working for the state government for a few years. I was making music privately throughout this time but decided to be more public with it recently"...